Boom Room Studio

J-enigma is not only a rapper but has been around the block for awhile. Currently he is a resident at the Boom Room Studios in Fishtown Philly, where they offer audio recording, band rehearsal and live streaming. Please email him for recording interests or studio use.

Production Background
He has a background in Audio engineering apart of the University of Arts mbet Program and has been apart of various studios from around the region. Recently he had worked with Mishka at Studio 4 with the Stylistics apart of a new soul reggae rendition of the track. Along with experience he offers personal studio time and can help aid in resourcing musical projects and getting them moving in the right direction. Some of the photos on the right are artists he has worked with in Jamaica and hiphop artists at his home studio.


Art Music Fashion

Apart of the fashion connection later this year J-enigma will be working on a new fashion music show called Primal. This concept after practiced in NY Harlem Fashion week is about bringing art music fashion under one umbrella. In a world where the appreciation for crafts such as music, film, and research are undermined due to overstimulating technology, the idea of fame has reach complex levels. With a laptop people can easily be perceived as a professional, musician, filmer, photographer, animator, coder, editor, entrepreneur and in some circumstances a doctor. The computer has created a disguise for people allowing them to be perceived any way possible. This flexibility has removed the lanes of what it means to become a successful musician now forcing artist to be judge at a primal level. Now people appreciate art for its, size and power, forcing artist to become business tycoons rather than studying the art.




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Philadelphia PA


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