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This actually was J-Enigmas original Debut Album when he was 13 and went under his real name. This album had 5 songs on it and 2 music videos that got some steam back in the day. It was released in 2011 and some known songs would be Superhero and stand up That features his brother on the keys. This album is available on itunes and was fully produced in this kids closet.

Back in 2012 there was a new sound that revolutionized the world and that was dub-step. Along J-Enigmas musical journey he incorporated Dubstep with hip-hop rap and electronic in his sound. This album  was a key stepping stone in his journey because he mixed it on his first pair of monitors. It was released with 100 CD copies and 11 songs and he tried selling it to his friends in 9nth grade.

After learning a lot about music and tastes from the last album floating was released in the spring showcasing harder rhymes with better production. In 2013 J-Enigma was prescribed with ADHD medications and spit some truth about how it took away his creativity. Some songs like Spring Nostalgia has samples music from Louise Armstrong. Due to his experience in Dub step he incorporated some early trap beats.

This last album was released on Datpiff and Soundcloud. It features J-Enigmas current sound and was written off of the adventures he went on in pursuit of building his fashion line Next Level World. This mixtape is the direct transition from J-Grant to J-Enigma. One song that reach fame on this mixtape was notorious league that was played on the run way AT NLW's fashion show.

America Invented the modern music industry produces sounds that are popularized around the world. Half of these songs blow up and fade away just as quickly because they follow trends and do not follow the spirit that makes artists create these sounds. J-Enigma has been on a mission to not only create trendy music in hiphop but music that has a quality to it giving it an ever lasting spirit.  Artist like the Beatles and Bob Marley produced timeless music that would be enjoyed in any situation. Longevity is an open window into the world J-Enigma is creating.

The crew Team Death Match dropped their debut tape in hopes of putting a hole in hiphop. The tape features heavy beats, swag, and comedic lyrics showcasing some of the finest talent coming out of the tri-state area. The tape opened a door for teamwork, variety, comedy, humility and good old fashion hiphop hustling. Check it out here



The Enigma....

"Megalomaniac rapper with the disposition of an actor, check my tricks I do it casper, got depression give you laughter"



Always gotta show love to the local people. This is a photo from the Trenton Graffiti show where Next Level World came through and provided the scene with dope merch.

Since day one J-Enigma has been collaborating but recently teamed up with Mensa watch-gang in Philadelphia for some shows and hooked him up with merch.

Check him out here

Over the summer J-enigma went on tour with the house music band World Town Sound System that played in a few regional burns as-well as events along the east coast. This band has carved a new whole in music incorporating a full band with two Djays. Now thats a movement! Check out some of their shows here.

Along with the grind on the east coast, J-enigma made it his personal goal to go back home to the Caribbean and learn from his roots. In Jamaica he started working with some local artists like Kaution, Italis, Debo, and Versatile right out of Port Antonio the birthplace of Popcaan. A new generation of dance hall artists are blooming in Jamaica.



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