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    JEnigma-Tickets- Voltage Lounge- Philadelphia, PA

    December 28th 2016-  Afton Shows.


    JEnigma is performing live at Voltage Lounge on December 28th, so get your tickets now.   This showcase is presented by Afton Shows and will feature artists who are local to the Philadelphia area.


    Have you ever been somewhere you can't explain and it ends up being an experience you will never forget. That's what its like listening to J-Enigma. This weird dude has a mixture of comedy, soul, electronics, and hype lyrics ready to hit the stage.

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    On a long journey from philly down to Maryland the Bandlez crew picked up J-Enigma laden with ADHD and filmed a web series for a Turnt up audience. Nightmare EDM Festival Feature the Kontrol room that got all the plur bunnies hopping and dread heads bopping to riddim, Edm, and Thomas the tank engine.


    With the flick of the wrist J-Enigma made it to Marsten House to record on one of their chyphers. While their he ran into some of Phillies underground scene where they have been putting it down on the mike before MTV.

    Marsten is one of those places where you get one shot to record making every second count. Check out more here.





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  • Performed in Montreal Hiphop Week

    Canada is a safe haven for J-Enigma. His parents being Canadian immigrants from Montreal made it natural for him to be in the area. His brother went to school their and while visiting him Hip-hop week was happening and J-E took this opportunity to meet producers like Freddie Joachim. After giving him a CD he performed at bars like blue where he could legally drink and met some great people in the French rap scene.






    •  march 2, 2016-JEnigma Performs at voltage lounge

      This showcase put on by ear wax was an opportunity for J-Enigma to perform his album Longevity that came out the previous year. The local hip-hop how crew from Bucks County performed their Stonzu act with promotion from the agency dinner land. Although the performance went well and he through some sticker in the crowd. Shit went sour backstage. One of the rappers snitched his phone and thats when he realized the competition in hip-hop is no joke, and people can be evil at times.


    • Boom Room Performance venue

      Over the summer J-Enigma worked at the boom room studios and performed one of the first fully loaded live streams available. He performed his first hiphop EDM song he professionally mixed. The song bounced like hiphop but had the complexity of EDM. This turned out to be a good event. The boom room has a 5 camera system that makes it feel like NBC studios and many bands have been live streaming here since then. Check out more information here

    • Winter 2015- Hot 97 showcase NY

      Living in philly at the time J-enigma thought it was time to take his talent to New York. Hot 97 was throwing a show case at the Cake Shop in Manhattan to showcase new ms’s talent in chance of getting an interview on hot 97. Most of the performances were trap bangers and people gave it all they got. Although J-Enigma didn't win anything he came in with a smooth song and a trap one and one of the judges commented on him being the most unique.



  • Launch Showcase
  • Performance Montreal Hip Hop Week
  • Hot 97 showcase NY
  • Earwax Sesh Showcase
  • Local shows in South Philly
  • Boom Room Performance venue
  • Local shows in north philly
  • Performance at club Ion
  • Bass Prom
  • Barehands open Mic
  • Capelli Open Mic
  • Uarts Past 3 Open Mics
  • Performed in Sunday Cypher
  • Performed in Cypher Circuit at Marten House
  • Opened For Wacka Flocka
  • Make Music Philly




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