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RapperJ- Enigma has been writing poetry just as long as he has been producing music. Writing to him is a way of explaining ideas that people do not understand or listen to in conversation. He loves rapping because he can let out all of his thoughts and get away with it. On a daily basis when he’s talking to people he feels that he has to be fake and never has room to say it how it should be said. Another reason why he pursues rap is that he loves the lifestyle associated with it. He feels that being just a producer alone makes you nerdy and locked inside the studio all day. He loves to perform on stage like he did as a kid and rap in front of people. There is a balance associated between producing and rapping  and once that balance is distorted then the sound quality and longevity is reduced. Also by starting his own clothing line he feels that he can create his own team and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams as well.MusicianJ-Enigma will never decide fully if he is a producer or a rapper. Since young he never saw the difference between making the beat or the melody and laying down vocals. He learned how to produce music by himself and sought satisfaction by doing all of the elements to make a song. He feels that a vocal is just as much an instrument as a vst and feels that the real art is putting everything together into something beautiful. By heart he is a producer but in real life is a rapper as well.ProducerProducing was something that came naturally to J-Enigma. When he first started playing piano he didn't want to take lessons or learn songs, he want to create his own music. After struggling through piano lessons and theory, his passion for creation increased. At the age of 13 he really started to get into production and was inspired by hip hop. Later on with the emergence of dub-step, he took a drastic turn to EDM and became obsessed with synths and learning how to modulate baselines for that distinctive sound. After releasing his second mix-tape he moved back to hip-hop and decided to merg electronic music with hip-hop and create a new style of hip-hop. Eventually as time progressed  he learned more about music and started to study old school hip-hop along with the intricate jazz rhythms associated with it. This has blended with his newest style to create an electronic, jazz, old school, sample based hip-hop vibe in which he uses today. From moving between two genres it has allowed J-Enigma to create his own style of music that is not heard on the average main stream. He hopes to take it further and one day influence the music world like many others.



J-Enigma is a persona based on the story of a multi-racial kid growing up in a neighborhood not meant for him. Moving through rich bleach white schools and poorer ethnic schools. Some describe him as the blackest white kid you will ever know and the spirit of hip-hop kept him going.

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